Heinäveden Yrittäjät organizes the event of Rowing the Heinävesi canal locks 14.-16.7.2023.

 These seven naturally beautiful locks create one of the most beautiful fresh water routes in the Finnish Lakeland area and our route from Valamo monastery to Kolovesi National Park will be approximately 70 km long through all the seven locks and beatutiful open lakes in between. Heinävesi Route and it´s narrow and winding waterways, open lakes and seven old canals make Heinävesi’s route a unique ensemble. This must be experienced at least once in a lifetime!

If you want to participate, please contact us by Email: info@kanavasoutu.fi

or you can inform us about your participation by calling or messaging to: +358 45 78713451

And if you do not have a group to join, but you would like to row in a Finnish Church boat crew you can also ask for open places on boats by Email or phone

Relax and enjoy

The row is a long distance row, which you can participate by using either a traditional Finnish Church boat, regular rowing boat or a kayak. A traditional Finnish Church boat has normally 8-12 rowers, rowing in pairs, so that each person has one oar. The goal is to enjoy the summer nature and beautiful scenery without timing or competition. We concentrate on enjoying the activity and being together in the nature.


Beautiful historical canals

The canalisation of the Heinävesi route began in the late 1800s, and there are seven canals on-route.
Karvio’s canal opened a ferry route from Kuopio to Heinävesi, when it was completed in 1896. Kerma, Vihovuonne and Pilppa canals above Kermajärvi, were built in the years 1903-1906. This opened up a ferry route to Savonlinna.
Varistaipale and Taivallahti were dug in 1911- 1916. Out of these, Varistaipale’s four-chamber canal has Finland’shighest drop of 14.5 metres.

Participation fees

 Solo rowers / paddlers
35 euros / day, 65 euros / 2 days, 90 euros / 3 days

Double rowers / paddlers
55 euros / day, 95 euros / 2 days, 120 euros / 3 days

Team of 3-5 people
90 euros / day, 140 euros / 2 days, 170 euros / 3 days

Team of 8-9 people
240 euros / day, 270 euros / 2 days, 300 euros / 3 days

Church boats
390 euros / day, 440 euros / 2 days, 480 euros / 3 days

Rowing place for a church boat
35 eur / person / day, 95 eur / person / 3 days (places are filled in the order of registration)


Kanavasoutu 2011 148

Participation fees including:

The rowing fee includes liability insurance, transport of goods, service car, safety boat services, first aid, guide boat, sauna at the end of the rowing day and a certificate of honor. The names and contact details of all boat participants must be reported to the rowing office at the point of departure.

Parking and transfer services

Transfers of participants’ cars By the organizers:
The participants’ cars can be moved from the starting point to the end point desired by the participant. There is a charge of EUR 25 per transfer for the car.

Participants can leave their cars free of charge in the parking areas of Valamo Monastery, Karvio Holiday Center, Heinävesi Harbor, Kermankeidas and Kolovesi Kirkkoranta during Kanavasoutu.